Mill Press for Oil Cake EK-PD-120/820

Mill Press for Oil Cake EK-PD-120/820 It is designed for pressing oil out of oil cake.

The mill for oil cake pressing has an original construction which efficiently differs from the traditional single-screw mill press. Oil removal is performed from two surfaces of oil cake. Mill press has perforated roll and pressing camera which permits to perform more effective oil removal simultaneously in two directions - inside the roll and through the pressing camera.

The use of mill presses during the processing of oil crops give a possibility to obtain additional amount of oil comparing to single pressing and percentage of proteins in oil cake is increased.


Oil cake production capacity 250 kg/h
Energy input 7.5 kW
Supply net voltage 380 V
Dimension 1950х1070х800 mm
Mass 500 kg


6 000 $