Drum-Aspirating Sunflower Seed Cleaning BARS-1044М

Drum-Aspirating Sunflower Seed Cleaning BARS-1044М It has been designed for cleaning sunflower seeds from the seed coat - peelings.

The rate of seeds peeling is between 55-65% which gives the possibility to obtain optimal properties of the raw material mass during further processing of sunflower seeds in press-extruder.

While the press-extruder works with peeled sunflower seeds the output of oil is increased, power consumption is decreased and wear of working organs of the press is decreased.

Constructively the drum-aspirating cleaning is of block construction: the block of the cleaning itself, the block of sieve separator and the block of aspiration.

The differential characteristics of the drum-aspirating cleaning are the balance of air flows in the region of work organ, due to which the process of separation of peelings and seed fraction is getting easier in the future.


Production capacity 1000 kg/h
The rate of peeling till 65%
Energy input 5 kW
Supply net voltage 380 V
Dimension 2020х950х2900 mm
Mass 450 kg


8 100 $

(for BARS-1044/2: production capacity: 3,0-3,5 t/h, price: 11 900 $)